A list of our dedicated chapters and Chapter Presidents around the world. You can start your own at the 'Start a Chapter' tab in the menu.

Russell Yang leads the Central Branch, located in Los Altos Hills, CA. Russell is dedicated to making STEM and technology education accessible to everyone and loves helping seniors.

Los Altos Hills, CA

The Los Altos Chapter President has elected to not have their name listed on the public website. The Los Altos branch is an other branch of Tech Literacy for Seniors run by dedicated students.

Los Altos

Elaine is passionate about everything STEM-related and is always ready to take on new challenges. She loves giving back to her community, and through opening a new chapter, she hopes to increase technological literacy among seniors in her neighborhood.

Falls Church, Virginia

Ashna is not only interested in the technology aspect of STEM, but also expanding the horizons of the STEM community to include more diversity. She simply wants everyone to enjoy the wonders of technology, regardless of their age. This passion has led her to start a new chapter of Engage Stem and give back to her community.

New Jersey

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