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Essay Contests

Hi! If you visited this page to learn more about our contests, thanks for stopping by! About a year ago, we held a 500-word essay contest about diversity in science, although that contest unfortunately did not receive enough submissions for us to judge the results. We would like to apologize to all those who submitted to that contest. We've since learned that students prefer short-response contests, and most recently, we held a National/International Tech Inclusion contest with a more restrictive limit on length, and we recently announced the winners on our Instagram page! Check out the 'National Contests' tab in the header to learn more.

We look forward holding more short-response contests about science, technology, access, and inclusion. We are also looking into the possibility of holding more long-response essay-style contests in the future.


Please subscribe to our mailing list to hear about up-and-coming contests and feel free to reach out to us at to suggest contest topics or provide feedback.

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